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Table 3 Planned subgroup analysis

From: Screening for depression in women during pregnancy or the first year postpartum and in the general adult population: a protocol for two systematic reviews to update a guideline of the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care

Key questions Both populations General adult Pregnancy and postpartum
1 and 1a ▪ Socioeconomic status (e.g. income, level of education, as assessed by study authors)
▪ Race/ethnicity (will be determined post hoc, depending on populations encountered in studies)
▪ Geographical location (e.g. rural vs urban settings, country/region)
▪ Validated vs non-validated tools
▪ Gender/sex ▪ Timing period and frequency of screening (e.g. prenatal, immediate postpartum)
1 only ▪ Age groups (e.g. < 25 years of age)
▪ Immigrant status
  ▪ Support status (e.g. single mother with no family support vs other)
▪ Partum status (e.g. first child vs later)
1a only ▪ Risk factors for depression (to be determined post hoc, depending on the combination of risk factors as reported in studies).