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Table 2 Patient navigator activities across included studies for individuals with diabetes

From: Mapping variation in intervention design: a systematic review to develop a program theory for patient navigator programs

2014/2015, Willard-Grace 2015
Prezio 2013 Spencer 2011 Svoren 2003 Gary 2003 Laffel 1998 Corkery 1997a
Provide education (written or verbal) b b c b b   
Schedule healthcare appointments b b   b b b b
Attend patient appointments b   c     b
Facilitate healthcare referrals b b b b    
Improve communication with HCP b   b c    
Provide information to HCP b     b   
Act as an interpreter c       b
Support self-management b b b   b   b
Provide social and emotional support b   b   b   
Help patients with goal setting b   b c c   
Link patients to social resources b   c   c   
Link patients to billing/insurance personnel     b   b  
Link patients to financial resources      c   
Liaise with employer to ensure health needs are met        
Monitor attendance and follow-up after missed appointments c    b   b b
  1. HCP healthcare provider
  2. aData from Corkery et al. extracted via content analysis only as attempts to contact the author were unsuccessful
  3. bInformation extracted from content analysis of published manuscript
  4. cAdditional information provided via direct correspondence with author