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Table 2 Stages of realist synthesis

From: Strategies for incorporating patient-reported outcomes in the care of people with chronic kidney disease (PRO kidney): a protocol for a realist synthesis

Stage of realist synthesis Relationship to study objective Current progress
1. Identify and refine scope and focus of review Obj. 1: To understand theories that explain how PROs are used Completed
2. Create an initial program theory to be tested and refined through evidence Obj. 1 Completed
3.Search for evidence Obj. 2: To develop a kidney-specific program theory about use of PROs in nephrology that may enhance person-centered care by testing and refining the theory through a realist synthesis of the empirical literature Initiated
4. Screen, select, and appraise articles Obj. 2 To be completed
5. Extract and code the data. Obj. 2 To be completed
6. Synthesize extracted evidence and refine program theory Obj. 2 To be completed
7. Develop and disseminate KT products Obj. 3:To develop knowledge translation (KT) products for kidney practitioners and knowledge users that will facilitate the optimal utilization of PROs in nephrology care. To be completed