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Table 3 Overview of included studies describing checklists

From: Systematic mapping of checklists for assessing transferability

Authors, year (ref) Country of first author Intended end user Term used to describe checklist aim Theme
Atkins 2010 [20] USA Review authors Applicability Health
Bonell 2006 [24] UK Primary study authors Generalizability Health
Bornhoft 2006 Germany Primary study authors External validity Health
Buffett 2007 [36] Canada Decision makers Applicability and transferability Health
Burford 2013 [9] Australia Researchers and decision makers Applicability Health
Cambon 2013 [37] France Researchers and decision makers Transferability Health
Cuijpers 2005 [38] Netherlands Researchers and decision makers Generalizability Health
Currow 2009 [39] Australia Decision makers Generalizability Health
Dans 1998 [19] Philippines Clinicians Applicability Health
Dekkers 2010 [17] Netherlands Researchers and decision makers External validity Health
Feldstein 2008 [40] USA Researchers and decision makers Implementation Health
Glasgow 1999 [41] USA Primary study authors Transferability Health
Green 2006 [42] USA Clinicians Relevance, applicability, generalization Health
Gruen 2005 [43] Australia Review authors Generalizability Health
Hoffman 2014 [18] Australia Primary study authors Replicability Health
Horne 2016 [44] USA Decision makers External validity Social sciences
Lavis 2009 [45] Canada Decision makers Applicability Health
NHMRC 2000 Australia Decision makers Applicability Health
Rothwell 2005 [46] UK Clinicians External validity Health
Rundall 2007 [47] USA Decision makers Applicability Health
Rychetnic 2002 [48] Australia Clinicians Transferability Health
Schoenwald 2001 [49] USA Clinicians Transportability Health
Schunemann 2013 [11] Canada Review authors Indirectness Health
Taylor 2007 [50] Northern Ireland Review authors External validity Social sciences
Wang 2006 [8] Australia Decision makers Applicability and transferability Health