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Table 2 Search strategy for Embase

From: Screening for small for gestational age using third-trimester ultrasound markers: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis of screening test accuracy

Step Concept Search strategy
#1 Population = pregnant women “Pregnancy”/de OR pregnant:TI,AB,kw OR pregnanc*:TI,AB,kw OR gestation*:TI,AB,kw OR fetus/exp. OR fetal:TI,AB,kw OR foetal:TI,AB,kw OR fetus:TI,AB,kw OR foetus:TI,AB,kw OR foetuses:TI,AB,kw OR fetuses:TI,AB,kw
#2 Index test = ultrasound “ultrasound”/exp. OR “echography”/de OR “fetus echography”/de OR (“Doppler ultrasonography”/exp. Not “Doppler echocardiography”/exp) OR ultrasonograph*:TI,AB,kw OR ultrasound:TI,AB,kw OR “ultra sound”:TI,AB,kw OR scan:TI,AB,kw OR Doppler:TI,AB,kw OR sonograph*:TI,AB,kw OR echograph*:TI,AB,kw
#3 Reference test = small for gestational age measured by birth weight “Birth weight”/exp. OR “fetus weight”/exp. OR “intrauterine growth retardation”/de OR “small for date infant”/exp. OR “small for gestational age”:TI,AB,kw OR “small for age infant”:TI,AB,kw OR SGA:TI,AB,kw OR “birth weight”:TI,AB,kw OR birth-weight:TI,AB,kw OR birthweight:TI,AB,kw OR “growth restriction”:TI,AB,kw OR “growth retardation”:TI,AB,kw OR IUGR:TI,AB,kw OR ((fetal OR foetal OR fetus OR foetus OR newborn OR infant OR neonatal) NEAR/2 (weight OR size OR growth)):TI,AB,kw
#4 Outcome = predictive value “Sensitivity and Specificity”/exp. OR “Predictive Value”/exp. OR Sensitivit*:TI,AB,kw OR specificity:TI,AB,kw OR “predictive value*”:TI,AB,kw OR “predictive model*”:TI,AB,kw OR “false-positive rate”:TI,AB,kw OR “detection rate”:TI,AB,kw OR “ROC curve”:TI,AB,kw OR “receiver operating characteristic”:TI,AB,kw OR “AUC”:TI,AB,kw OR “area under the curve”:TI,AB,kw OR “screening”/de OR “screening test”/exp. OR “Prenatal screening”/exp. OR “Newborn screening”/exp. OR screening:TI,AB,kw
#5 Human filter “Animal”/exp. NOT “Human”/exp
#6 Filter Embase only [embase]/lim NOT [medline]/lim
#7 Combination of concepts #1 AND #2 AND #3 AND #4 AND #6 NOT #5