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Table 1 Studies included in the synthesis

From: Barriers and facilitators to the integration of mental health services into primary health care: a systematic review

References First author Study type Location Setting
[19] Barraclough F Qualitative Australia Developed
[26] Ayalon L Qualitative Israel Developed
[54] Jenkins R Qualitative Kenya Developing
[56] Knowles SE Qualitative UK Developed
[40] Mesidor M Qualitative USA Developed
[42] Fickle JJ Qualitative USA Developed
[46] Henderson J Qualitative Australia Developed
[43] Henke RM Qualitative USA Developed
[44] Hill SK Qualitative USA Developed
[55] Kigozi FN Qualitative Uganda Developing
[51] Martinez W Qualitative Mexico Developing
[45] Zubkoff L Qualitative USA Developed
[47] Cowan J Quantitative India Developing
[50] Mosaku KS Quantitative Nigeria Developing
[41] Davis DW Quantitative USA Developed
[49] Kapungwe A Quantitative Zambia Developing
[24] Abera M Mixed methods Ethiopia Developing
[52] Athie K Mixed methods Brazil Developing
[53] Duffy M Mixed methods Zimbabwe Developing
[48] Winer RA Mixed methods Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) Developing