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Table 2 Quality rating criteria

From: Effectiveness of pharmacotherapy for smoking cessation: protocol for umbrella review and quality assessment of systematic reviews

Quality rating Criteria AMSTAR 2 critical domains
High No or one non-critical weakness • Protocol registered before commencement of the review (item 2)
• Adequacy of the literature search (item 4)
• Justification for excluding individual studies (item 7)
• Risk of bias from individual studies being included in the review (item 9)
• Appropriateness of meta-analytical methods (item 11)
• Consideration of risk of bias when interpreting the results of the review (item 13)
• Assessment of presence and likely impact of publication bias (item 15)
Moderate More than one non-critical weakness
Low One critical flaws with or without non-critical weakness
Critically low More than one critical flaw with or without non-critical weakness