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Table 2 Data items to be extracted from each included study

From: Is increased carer knowledge of the health care system associated with decreased preventable hospitalizations for people in the community diagnosed with dementia? A systematic review protocol

Study characteristics Year of publication
Sample (n, age)
Study design
Study population Caregiver relationship to care recipient (e.g., spouse, child, friend)
Caregiver characteristics (e.g., paid or unpaid, cultural background)
Dementia diagnosis (e.g., type, severity, onset)
Living arrangement (e.g., alone, with spouse or other, urban or rural setting)
Intervention characteristics Duration
Mode of delivery (e.g., face to face, online, group, individual)
Content (e.g., psychoeducation, decision trees)
Location and setting (e.g., GP clinic, hospital)
Hospital outcome measures Hospital admissions/presentations (e.g., number, type, length of hospital stay, reasons based on primary and secondary discharge diagnoses, including whether they met the definition of ACSC according to [13])
Adverse incidents (e.g., type, frequency)
Carer outcome measures Carer burden/stress/wellbeing/quality of life (e.g., Zarit Burden Interview, Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, Health Status Questionnaire)