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Table 1 Full electronic search strategy for retrieval of citations from MEDLINE via the Ovid Platform

From: Is increased carer knowledge of the health care system associated with decreased preventable hospitalizations for people in the community diagnosed with dementia? A systematic review protocol

1 exp Dementia/
2 dement*.mp.
3 alzheimer*.mp.
4 (lewy* adj2 bod*).mp.
5 (chronic adj2 cerebrovascular).mp
6 (organic brain disease or organic brain syndrome).mp.
7 (cerebr* adj2 deteriorat*).mp.
8 (cerebral* adj2 insufficient*).mp.
9 or/1-8
10 caregivers/
11 (carer or caregiver* or care giver* or family or families or spouse or parent or kin or relatives or daughter or son or partner or husband or wife or neighbo* or friend*).mp.
12 10 or 11
13 Health education/ or consumer health information/ or Health literacy/ or patient education as topic/ or health promotion/ or health behavior/ or health knowledge, attitudes, practice/ or health services for the aged/ or evidence-based practice/
14 (psychoeducation or health literacy or evidence based program* or health promotion).mp.
15 (carer or caregiver or care giver) adj3 (information or intervention or counselling or counseling or support or education or program*)).mp.
16 13 or 14 or 15
17 9 and 12 and 16