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Table 2 Data extraction form checklist

From: The effect of rehabilitation interventions on physical function and immobility-related complications in severe stroke—protocol for a systematic review

 • Reviewer name
 • Review date
 • Study title and authors
 • Journal name
 • Publication date
 • Confirm eligibility for review
 • Scientific background
 • Study aims and hypotheses included
 • Setting
 • Eligibility criteria
 • Stroke severity measure
 • Method of recruitment
Methods—design and group allocation
 • Study design and duration
 • Group description
 • Sequence generation
 • Allocation concealment
 • Implementation
 • Blinding
Methods- Interventions
 • Description of intervention
 • Intervention details (timing, frequency, duration)
 • Resource requirements
 • Use of TIDier checklist—yes/no
 • Name and definition
 • Time points measured
 • Measure of function, activity or participation—use of validated outcome
 • Immobility-related complication—frequency of occurrence
 • Economic evaluation—yes/no
Methods—statistical analyses used
 • Number of participants randomised/allocated per group/analysed
 • Details of any missing participants
 • Baseline demographics for each group
 • Summary data for each group at each time point
 • Compliance with intervention
 • Any adverse events
 • Interpretation of results
 • Extent of generalisability
 • Key conclusions