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Table 3 Data to be extracted from included studies

From: The impact of musculoskeletal injuries sustained in road traffic crashes on work-related outcomes: a protocol for a systematic review

Citation Title of article
Lead author
Year published
Study Aim Aim/hypothesis/objective
Methods Study design
Study setting (including jurisdiction)
Participants—inclusion/exclusion criteria
Method of recruitment
Informed consent
Outcome measures All outcome measures used, any listed psychometrics and associated references reported in the paper
Assessment time points
Results Participation rate
Similarity between participants vs non-participants, and those who remain vs lost to follow up
Demographics of included cohort
Results for outcome measures of interest to this review ((i) return to work rate, (ii) sick leave, (iii) work ability, (iv) work capacity, and (v) health-related work productivity loss)
Covariates or confounders reported as significantly or not significantly related to the outcome measures of interest
Discussion Author listed limitations
Conclusion Concluding message