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Table 2 The PubMed search strategy

From: The impact of musculoskeletal injuries sustained in road traffic crashes on work-related outcomes: a protocol for a systematic review

Work related search terms


work [Title/abstract] OR job [Title/abstract] OR jobs [Title/abstract] OR occupation [Title/abstract] OR occupations [Title/abstract] OR occupational [Title/abstract] OR vocation [Title/abstract] OR vocations [Title/abstract] OR vocational [Title/abstract] OR employee [Title/abstract] OR employees [Title/abstract] OR employer [Title/abstract] OR employers [Title/abstract] OR worker [Title/abstract] OR workers [Title/abstract] OR workplace [Title/abstract] OR employability [Title/abstract] OR unemployment [Title/abstract] OR employment [Title/abstract] OR absentee [Title/abstract] OR “sick listed”[Title/abstract] OR sicklisted [Title/abstract] OR “sick leave”[Title/abstract] OR “sick absence”[Title/abstract] OR “sickness leave”[Title/abstract] OR “sickness absence”[Title/abstract] OR “sick days”[Title/abstract] OR “sick day”[Title/abstract] OR “illness day”[Title/abstract] OR “illness days”[Title/abstract] OR absenteeism [Title/abstract] OR presenteeism [Title/abstract] OR “workday loss”[Title/abstract] OR “workdays lost”[Title/abstract] OR workloss [Title/abstract] OR “disability evaluation”[Title/abstract] OR “disability prevention”[Title/abstract] OR “disability leave”[Title/abstract] OR “functional capacity evaluation”[Title/abstract] OR productivity [Title/abstract]


work [MeSH] OR employment [MeSH] OR “sick leave”[MeSH] OR “work capacity evaluation”[MeSH]


1 OR 2

Road traffic crash-related search terms


(Car [Title/abstract] OR Cars [Title/abstract] OR Truck [Title/abstract] OR Trucks [Title/abstract] OR Automobile [Title/abstract] OR Automobiles [Title/abstract] OR Vehicle [Title/abstract] OR Vehicles [Title/abstract] OR Vehicular [Title/abstract] OR Cycle [Title/abstract] OR Cycles [Title/abstract] OR Cyclist [Title/abstract] OR Cyclists [Title/abstract] OR Cycling [Title/abstract] OR Bicycle [Title/abstract] OR bicycles [Title/abstract] OR Pedestrian [Title/abstract] OR Pedestrians [Title/abstract] OR Passenger [Title/abstract] OR Passengers [Title/abstract] OR Driver [Title/abstract] OR Drivers [Title/abstract] OR motor [Title/abstract] OR motorbike [Title/abstract] OR motorbikes [Title/abstract] OR motorbiker [Title/abstract] OR motorbikers [Title/abstract] OR motorcar [Title/abstract] OR motorcars [Title/abstract] OR motorcycle [Title/abstract] OR motorcycles [Title/abstract] OR motorcycling [Title/abstract] OR motorcyclist [Title/abstract] OR motorcyclists [Title/abstract] OR motorhome [Title/abstract] OR motorhomes [Title/abstract] OR motorist [Title/abstract] OR motorists [Title/abstract] OR motorvehicle [Title/abstract] OR motorvehicles [Title/abstract] OR transport [Title/abstract] OR transportation [Title/abstract] OR traffic [Title/abstract] OR road [Title/abstract] OR roads [Title/abstract] OR roadside [Title/abstract] OR roadsides [Title/abstract]) AND (accident [Title/abstract] OR accidents [Title/abstract] OR collision [Title/abstract] OR collisions [Title/abstract] OR crash [Title/abstract] OR crashes [Title/abstract] OR crashed [Title/abstract] OR smash [Title/abstract] OR smashes [Title/abstract] OR smashed [Title/abstract])


“Accidents, Traffic”[MeSH]


“Whiplash injuries”[MeSH] OR whiplash [Title/abstract]


(road [Title/abstract] OR traffic [Title/abstract]) AND

(injury [Title/abstract] OR injuries [Title/abstract] OR trauma [Title/abstract])


4 OR 5 OR 6 OR 7

Study type


Crosssectional [Title/abstract] OR cross-sectional [Title/abstract] OR “cross sectional”[Title/abstract] OR observational [Title/abstract] OR casecontrol [Title/abstract] OR case-control [Title/abstract] OR “case control”[Title/abstract] OR cohort [Title/abstract] OR longitudinal [Title/abstract] OR ((prospective [Title/abstract] OR retrospective [Title/abstract]) AND (cohort [Title/abstract] OR study [Title/abstract] OR observational [Title/abstract] OR longitudinal [Title/abstract]))

Musculoskeletal injury


Musculoskeletal [Title/abstract] OR myofascial [Title/abstract] OR arthralgia [Title/abstract] OR arthropathy [Title/abstract] OR arthritis [Title/abstract] OR arthritic [Title/abstract] OR myalgia [Title/abstract] OR backache [Title/abstract] OR whiplash [Title/abstract]


“Musculoskeletal diseases”[MeSH] OR “Musculoskeletal system”[MeSH] OR “Wounds and injuries”[MeSH] OR “Wounds, Nonpenetrating”[MeSH] OR “Musculoskeletal pain”[MeSH] OR “Back pain”[MeSH] OR “Myofascial pain syndromes”[MeSH] OR Arthralgia [MeSH] OR “Neck pain”[MeSH] OR “brachial plexus neuropathies”[MeSH] OR “Fractures, Bone”[MeSH] OR “Joint Dislocations”[MeSH] OR “Soft tissue injuries”[MeSH] OR “Multiple trauma”[MeSH] OR Orthopedics [MeSH] OR “Orthopedic Procedures”[MeSH]


(Fracture [Title/abstract] OR Fractures [Title/abstract] OR Fractured [Title/abstract] OR sprain [Title/abstract] OR sprains [Title/abstract] sprained [Title/abstract] OR dislocation [Title/abstract] OR dislocations [Title/abstract] OR dislocated [Title/abstract] OR injury [Title/abstract] OR injuries [Title/abstract] OR injured [Title/abstract] OR contusion [Title/abstract] OR contusions [Title/abstract] OR oedema [Title/abstract] OR edema [Title/abstract] OR trauma [Title/abstract] OR multitrauma [Title/abstract] OR multi-trauma [Title/abstract] OR “multi trauma”[Title/abstract] OR orthopaedic [Title/abstract] OR orthopaedics [Title/abstract] OR orthopedic [Title/abstract] OR orthopedics [Title/abstract] OR surgery [Title/abstract] OR ache [Title/abstract] OR pain [Title/abstract]) AND (Arm [Title/abstract] OR arms [Title/abstract] OR “upper limb”[Title/abstract] OR “upper limbs”[Title/abstract] OR “upper extremity”[Title/abstract] OR “upper extremities”[Title/abstract] OR leg [Title/abstract] OR legs [Title/abstract] OR “lower limb”[Title/abstract] OR “lower limbs”[Title/abstract] OR “lower extremity”[Title/abstract] OR “lower extremities”[Title/abstract] OR shoulder [Title/abstract] OR shoulders [Title/abstract] OR “rotator cuff”[Title/abstract] OR humerus [Title/abstract] OR humeral [Title/abstract] OR elbow [Title/abstract] OR elbows [Title/abstract] OR forearm [Title/abstract] OR forearms [Title/abstract] OR radius [Title/abstract] OR radial [Title/abstract] OR ulna [Title/abstract] OR ulnar [Title/abstract] OR wrist [Title/abstract] OR wrists [Title/abstract] OR hand [Title/abstract] OR hands [Title/abstract] OR finger [Title/abstract] OR fingers [Title/abstract] OR thumb [Title/abstract] OR thumbs [Title/abstract] OR spine [Title/abstract] OR spinal [Title/abstract] OR cervical [Title/abstract] OR thoracic [Title/abstract] OR thorax [Title/abstract] OR lumbar [Title/abstract] OR sacral [Title/abstract] OR sacrum [Title/abstract] OR neck [Title/abstract] OR chest [Title/abstract] OR back [Title/abstract] OR pelvis [Title/abstract] OR pelvic [Title/abstract] OR hip [Title/abstract] OR hips [Title/abstract] OR knee [Title/abstract] OR knees [Title/abstract] OR ankle [Title/abstract] OR ankles [Title/abstract] OR thigh [Title/abstract] OR thighs [Title/abstract] OR femur [Title/abstract] OR femoral [Title/abstract] OR tibia [Title/abstract] OR tibial [Title/abstract] OR fibula [Title/abstract] OR fibular [Title/abstract] OR shin [Title/abstract] OR shins [Title/abstract] OR foot [Title/abstract] OR feet [Title/abstract] OR toe [Title/abstract] OR toes [Title/abstract] OR metatarsal [Title/abstract] OR metatarsals [Title/abstract] OR mandibular [Title/abstract] OR maxillofacial [Title/abstract] OR ligament [Title/abstract] OR ligaments [Title/abstract] OR muscle [Title/abstract] OR muscles [Title/abstract] OR “soft tissue” [Title/abstract] OR tendon [Title/abstract] OR tendons [Title/abstract])


10 OR 11 OR 12



3 AND 8 AND 9 AND 13


Limit to English