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Table 1 To be eligible for inclusion in this review, studies need to report on at least one of the work-related outcomes listed here. Studies may choose to report non-standardised outcome measures for work ability, work capacity, and health-related productivity loss. Such studies will not be excluded from this review

From: The impact of musculoskeletal injuries sustained in road traffic crashes on work-related outcomes: a protocol for a systematic review

Work-related outcome Example of how outcome might be measured
Return to work status/rate Percentage of participants who have returned to work by a certain time following injury.
The type of work (i.e. reduced hours, modified duties) may also be reported.
Sick leave Use of sick leave (e.g. yes or no, number of hours/days)
Cost of sick leave (e.g. wages)
Work ability Work Ability Index [44]
Work capacity Functional Capacity Evaluation [45]
Health-related work productivity loss Stanford Presenteeism Scale [46]
WHO’s Health and Work Performance Questionnaire [29]
Lam Employment Absence and Productivity Scale [47]