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Table 4 Summary of mortality outcome for nutritional interventions for significant difference in mortality

From: Anesthesia interventions that alter perioperative mortality: a scoping review

First author, year Type of surgery, no. of participants Intervention/comparison details Perioperative phase, duration of intervention Impact on mortality* (outcome definition, timing)
Cooper, 2006 Thoracic-oncological, 27 Total parenteral nutrition
Usual care: maintaining patients NPO until postop day 4, then initiating an oral diet
Preoperative, postoperative
Every day for a time period
Increased mortality (90-day mortality, primary outcome)
ND (1-year mortality, primary outcome)
Duncan, 2005 Orthopedic, 302 Feeding support by dietetic assistants
Usual care: traditional nurse- and dietitian-led nutrition and feeding postop
Every day for a time period until discharge
Increased mortality (death in trauma unit, primary outcome)
Decreased mortality (death at 4 months, secondary outcome)
ND (death in-hospital, secondary outcome)
Wu, 2006 Colorectal, 468 7 days preop and 7 days postop either parenteral or enteral nutrition
Usual care: usual hospital diet preop and then hypocaloric parenteral solution postop
Preoperative, postoperative
Every day for a time period
Decreased mortality (in-hospital mortality, NR)
  1. ND no significant change, NR not reported