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Table 2 Summary of reported strengths in included studies

From: Can automated content analysis be used to assess and improve the use of evidence in mental health policy? A systematic review

Study Ease of use Versatility Resource efficiency Reliability and validity
Effective Simple to use Easy to use Quick Language blind Versatile Range of applications Flexible Useful Efficient Cost-effective Reliable Good with large texts Systematic Inbuilt cross-validation for reliability High face validity Equal or better than manual coding
Baek, Cappella and Bindman* [29]    
Baumann, Debus and Müller [41]             
Bernauer and Bräuninger* [38]            
Budge and Pennings* [37]           
Coffé and Da Roit [39]                
Costa, Gilmore, Peeters, McKee and Stuckler [28]              
Debus [35]              
Hug and Schulz [40]          
Klemmensen, Hobolt and Hansen* [30]    
Laver, Benoit and Garry* [25]
Lowe* [31]             
Volkens* [36]    
  1. *These studies were formal evaluations of Wordscores