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Table 1 Characteristics of evidence submitted to DERP by manufacturers

From: A study of the value of requesting information from drug manufacturers for systematic reviews; 9 years of experience from the drug effectiveness review project

Dossier evidence n/N (%)
Number dossiers received 160
Number of drug products included in DERP reports 541
Number of manufacturers submitting dossiers 41
Studies/supplemental data submitted 7360
Studies/supplemental data Included from dossiers 160
Contribution of dossier evidence incremental to standard searching methods
 Proportion of submitted evidence included 160/7360 (2.2%)
 Studies/supplemental data included from dossier per review (mean) 160/40 (4)
 Proportion of all studies in DERP reviews from dossiers 160/2234 (7.2%)
Unique study or supplemental data
 Proportion studies included 123/160 (76.9%)
 Proportion supplemental data included 37/160 (23.1%)
Unpublished studies
 Proportion of included dossier studies/supplemental data unpublished 65/160 (40.6%),
Head to head studies
 Proportion of included dossier studies 41/160 (25.6%)
 Proportion of submitted studies 41/7360 (0.6%)
 Proportion of all head to head studies in DERP reports from dossiers 41/536 (7.6%)
Subgroup evidence
 Proportion of studies included from dossiers with subgroup evidence 26/160 (16.3%)
 Proportion of all studies in DERP reports on subgroups from dossiers 26/363 (6.7%)
Quality of studies (n = 123, excludes supplemental data)
 Good 9/123 (7.3%)
 Fair 97/123 (78.9%)
 Poor 18/123 (14.6%)