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Table 1 Overview of methods used to identify effect estimates

From: Rapid methods including network meta-analysis to produce evidence in clinical decision support: a decision analysis

Stage Goal Method
1 Identify patient-important outcomes Systematic review, focus groups, self-explicated preference elicitation method.
2 Identify the treatment options Options were identified in a rapid NMA and from a gold standard NMA.
3–6 Identify the effect estimates of all options on all outcomes a. Empirically based rapid NMA for the outcomes “avoid acute manic episodes” and “avoid acute depressive episodes’.
b. Tolerability rates for the outcome “side effects”, based on frequencies identified in a gold standard NMA.
c. Patient survey for the outcome “avoid treatment burden”
d. Expert NMA for the outcomes “avoid burden of manic symptoms between acute episodes” and “avoid burden of depressive symptoms between acute episodes”.