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Table 1 Search strings used and number of identified abstracts per literature database

From: Association between diabetes mellitus and multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis: evidence from a systematic review and meta-analysis

Component PubMed No. of hits EMBASE No. of hits Web of Science No. of hits WHO Global Health Library No. of hits
Diabetes mellitus (“Diabetes Mellitus” [mesh] OR diabetes*[tiab] OR diabetic*[tiab] OR T2DM [tiab] OR T1DM [tiab] OR “T2 DM”[tiab] OR “T1 DM”[tiab]) 612,633 (‘Diabetes Mellitus’/exp. OR (diabetes* OR diabetic* OR T2DM OR T1DM OR ‘T2 DM’ OR ‘T1 DM’): ab,ti) 1,006,444 TS = (diabetes* OR diabetic* OR T2DM OR T1DM OR “T2 DM” OR “T1 DM”) 649,798 ((Diabetes Mellitus) OR diabetes* OR diabetic* OR (T2DM) OR (T1DM) OR (T2 DM) OR (T1 DM)) 670,864
Multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis (“Tuberculosis, Multidrug-Resistant”[Mesh] OR
((“Tuberculosis”[Mesh] OR tubercul*[tiab] OR tb[tiab] OR antitubercul*[tiab]) AND (“Drug Resistance, Multiple”[Mesh] OR multidrug resist*[tiab] OR multi-drug resist*[tiab] OR drug resist*[tiab] OR MDR [tiab] OR multiresist*[tiab] OR multi resist*[tiab])) OR
rifampcin resist*[tiab] OR MDR-TB [tiab])
16,247 (‘Tuberculosis, Multidrug-Resistant’/exp. OR ((‘tuberculosis’/exp. OR (tubercul* OR tb OR antitubercul*): ab,ti) AND (‘multidrug resistance’/exp. OR (‘multidrug resist*’ OR ‘drug resist*’ OR MDR OR multiresist* OR ‘multi resist*’):ab,ti)) OR (‘rifampcin resist*’ OR MDRTB):ab,ti) 20,105 TS = (tubercul* OR tb OR antitubercul*) AND TS = (multidrug resist* OR drug resist* OR MDR OR multiresist* OR multi resist* OR rifampcin resist* OR MDRTB) 17,917 ((Tuberculosis, Multidrug-Resistant) OR ((Tuberculosis) OR tubercul* OR tb OR antitubercul* AND (multidrug resist* OR multi-drug resist* OR drug resist* OR MDR OR multiresist* OR multi resist*) OR
rifampcin resist* OR MDRTB))
Combined search #1 AND #2 235* #1 AND #2 525* #1 AND #2 254* #1 AND #2 768*
  1. *Date of hits: July 30, 2018