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Table 1 Search syntax for the databases

From: Does motivational interviewing improve the weight management process in adolescents? Protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis

Databases Final syntax Description Records number
PubMed ((Obesity[tiab] OR “”[tiab] OR “weight loss”[tiab] OR obese[tiab] OR adiposit*[tiab] OR “fat overload”[tiab] OR “adipose tissue hyperplasia”[tiab]) AND ((motivat*[tiab]) AND (interview*[tiab] OR therapy[tiab] OR therapies[tiab] OR counsel*[tiab]))) AND 1980/01/01:2018/05/06[dp] Journal papers 955
Scopus ((TITLE-ABS(Obesity) OR TITLE-ABS(“overweight”) OR TITLE-ABS(“weight loss”) OR TITLE-ABS(obese) OR TITLE-ABS(adiposit*) OR TITLE-ABS(“fat overload”) OR TITLE-ABS(“adipose tissue hyperplasia”)) AND ((TITLE-ABS(motivat*)) AND (TITLE-ABS(interview*) OR TITLE-ABS(therapy) OR TITLE-ABS(therapies) OR TITLE-ABS(counsel*)))) AND (PUBYEAR > 1980) Journal papers 937
Conference papers 33
Others 49
Embase ((Obesity:ti,ab OR “overweight”:ti,ab OR “weight loss”:ti,ab OR obese:ti,ab OR adiposit*:ti,ab OR “fat overload”:ti,ab OR “adipose tissue hyperplasia”:ti,ab) AND ((motivat*:ti,ab) AND (interview*:ti,ab OR therapy:ti,ab OR therapies:ti,ab OR counsel*:ti,ab))) AND [1980–2019]/PY Journal papers 839
Conference papers 507
Others 30
WOS ((TS = (Obesity) OR TS = (“overweight”) OR TS = (“weight loss”) OR TS = (obese) OR TS = (adiposit*) OR TS = (“fat overload”) OR TS = (“adipose tissue hyperplasia”)) AND ((TS = (motivat*)) AND (TS = (interview*) OR TS = (therapy) OR TS = (therapies) OR TS = (counsel*)))) AND PY = (1980–2019) Only journal papers 1057
Meeting abstract 20
Proceeding paper 39
Others 14
Cochrane (Obesity OR “overweight” OR “weight loss” OR obese OR adiposit* OR “fat overload” OR “adipose tissue hyperplasia”) in Title, Abstract, Keywords AND ((motivat*) AND (interview* OR therapy OR therapies OR counsel*)) in Title, Abstract, Keywords, Publication Year from 1980 to 2018 in Trials’ Only journal papers(trials) 528
PsycINFO ((Obesity or “overweight” or “weight loss” or obese or adiposit* or “fat overload” or “adipose tissue hyperplasia”) and (motivat* and (interview* or therapy or therapies or counsel*))).mp. [mp = title, abstract, heading word, table of contents, key concepts, original title, tests & measures] All papers 549
Total 5557
Duplicate 2267
Total after deleting duplicates(remaining for screening) 3290