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Table 3 Differences between 2016 and update systematic review

From: (Update of a) systematic review on the impact of elective early term (< 39th gestational week) caesarean sections on maternal and neonatal health - a protocol

  Systematic review on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Health 2016 Systematic review planned 2017
Language German English
Publication Website of the German Federal Ministry of Health International peer reviewed journal
Grey literature search None Google Scholar
Risk of bias assessment in non-randomized studies Newcastle-Ottawa Scale ROBINS-I tool for non-randomized studies
Comparison Comparison of the 37th–38th pregnancy week to ≥ 39th pregnancy week Time-response analysis including 37th until 42nd pregnancy week including steps of 1 week
Meta-analysis Mantel-Haenszel test considering random effects Time-response analysis, see section data synthesis
Software Review Manager 5.3 R 3.3.2 + metaphor and dosresmeta package
Results NICU admission (primary outcome): higher rate in the 37th–38th weeks group (relative risk 1.78 [95% CI 1.55, 2.06])