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Table 2 Data extraction

From: (Update of a) systematic review on the impact of elective early term (< 39th gestational week) caesarean sections on maternal and neonatal health - a protocol

Methods Study type: RCT, cohort study
Setting: academic hospital, general clinic…
Recruitment period:
Participants Exclusion criteria:
Characteristics: age, ethnicity, BMI, parity, previous caesarean, smoking status, marital status, maternal disease and indication for caesarean
Included patients:
Drop outs:
Time points Time point of caesarean section:
Outcomes Primary outcome: neonatal death, neonatal intensive care unit admission and maternal death
Secondary outcome:
Neonatal: intensive care unit length of stay, hospitalization, respiratory morbidity, RDS, TTN, pneumothorax, hypoglycemia, Apgar Score, hyperbilirubinemia needing phototherapy, birth weight and near miss
Maternal: hysterectomy, bleeding needing transfusion near miss and adverse events