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Table 2 Approaches to assessment of imprecision and formal quantitative analyses of imprecision in Cochrane systematic reviews. Values are numbers

From: Assessing imprecision in Cochrane systematic reviews: a comparison of GRADE and Trial Sequential Analysis

  Reported (no. of reviews out of 100)
Methods section  
Reviewers carried out GRADE assessment 96
Criteria considered for assessing imprecision? 13
 - Width of 95% confidence interval 8
 - Optimal information size—no. of participants 4
 - Optimal information size—no. of events 1
 - Threshold for benefit or harm 1
 - Trial Sequential Analysis 2
Results section
 Optimal information size—no. of events 2
 Optimal information size—no. of participants 8
 Thresholds for benefit or harm 15
 Trial Sequential Analysis 2