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Table 5 Summary of dictionaries used in the extraction algorithm

From: Automated screening of research studies for systematic reviews using study characteristics

Dictionary name Size Description Example
Adjectives 32 Descriptive adjectives for the participant population Non-smoking, postmenopausal
Controls 70 Nouns that refer to the participant population Participants, students
Countries 464 Names of countries worldwide along with their respective nationalities Malaysian, USA, American
Effect 41 Utilised epidemiological study metrics Hazard ratio, adjusted odds ratio
Numbers 178 Numbers described by words One, thousand
Related 24 Verbs indicating an association between exposure and outcome Related, linked
Relations 26 Nouns indicating an association between exposure and outcome Correlation, association
States 56 Names of the states and territories in the USA Missouri, New York
Study types 21 Various epidemiological study designs (both observational and experimental) Placebo-controlled, case control
PFOA 51 Various mentions of perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) mentions PFOA, perfluorooctanoic acid
BPA 56 Variations of bisphenol A (BPA) mentions BPA, urinary BPA concentrations
Folic acid 57 Variations of folic acid mentions Folic acid, folic acid supplement
Air pollutants 73 Variations of outdoor particulate matter exposure mentions Ambient no2, particulate air pollution
Fetal growth 87 Variations of fetal growth mentions Birth weight, ponderal index
Twinning 28 Variations of twinning mentions Twinning, twin pregnancies
Lung cancer 229 Variations of lung cancer and related comorbidities mentions lc, lung cancer
Confounders 74 Various concept mentions as confounders in Mode of delivery, fertility treatment use