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Table 2 The three systematic reviews used in this study

From: Automated screening of research studies for systematic reviews using study characteristics

Name O N n I Topic
Hamra 2014 [14] 604 615 615 17 (2.7%) Outdoor particulate matter exposure and lung cancer
Johnson 2014 [15] 3023 3023 2470 17 (0.7%) PFOA effects on fetal growth
Thayer 2013* [16]   2054 1880 11 (0.6%) Bisphenol A (BPA) exposure and obesity
  1. The list of relevant studies was provided by the authors
  2. O original number of articles reported in the original review, N number of articles in our search results, n number of articles with abstracts, I number of included articles in the systematic review
  3. *Thayer 2013 provides a search protocol and no search results