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Table 1 PICOS (participants, interventions, comparators, outcomes, study design) characteristics of the screening projects

From: Technology-assisted title and abstract screening for systematic reviews: a retrospective evaluation of the Abstrackr machine learning tool

Characteristic Screening project
Bronchiolitis Antipsychotics Diabetes Child Health SRs
Participants Infants ≤ 24 months Children and young adults ≤24 years Any age Children ≤ 18 years
Intervention Pharmacologic Pharmacologic Multicomponent behavioral program Any
Comparator Placebo; active pharmacologic comparator Placebo; no treatment; active pharmacologic comparator Usual or standard care; active comparator Any (including non-comparative SRs)
Outcomes Rate of admission or length of stay; change in clinical severity score; oxygen saturation; respiratory rate; heart rate; symptoms; QoL; pulmonary function Intermediate effectiveness outcomes; adverse effects Behavioral; clinical; health (e.g., quality of life); diabetes-related health care utilization; program acceptability; harms Health outcomes relevant to children, including the accuracy of diagnostic tests and outcomes measured in adults related to exposures during childhood
Study design RCTs RCTs; NRCTs; controlled cohort studies; controlled before-after studies RCTs; NRCTs; prospective comparative studies; prospective cohort studies; controlled before-after studies Non-Cochrane: SRs; meta-analyses; network meta-analyses; individual patient data meta-analyses
  1. NRCT non-randomized controlled trial, QoL quality of life, RCT randomized controlled trial, SR systematic review