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Table 2 Data extraction categories for eligible studies

From: Transition in care from paramedics to emergency department nurses: a systematic review protocol

Category Data extracted
Study characteristics First author, year, country of origin, funding source, study objective, study design
Participants Recruitment strategy, inclusion criteria, number of participants, demographic characteristics, professional designations
Setting and handover Setting and context, descriptions of handover and relationships, tools to improve transitions in care
Intervention characteristics Content, delivery method, unit of delivery, deliverer, setting, exposure, time, adherence
Outcomes and tools Experience and perceptions of transitions in care; factors (barriers and facilitators) that influence transitions in care; quality of information exchanged between EMS practitioners and ED nurses; recommendations or tools to improve transitions in care; patient-level outcomes (clinical, satisfaction, patient-reported outcomes), provider- and team-level outcomes (satisfaction, time at triage, communication, teamwork), system-level outcomes (errors, patient safety, quality of care, patient flow, costs)