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Table 1 Eligibility criteria for inclusion in the review

From: A systematic review of neonatal treatment intensity scores and their potential application in low-resource setting hospitals for predicting mortality, morbidity and estimating resource use

Criteria Inclusion Exclusion
Model type Prognostic models Diagnostic models*
Intended scope of the review Inform decision making at individual level (e.g. using risk of in-hospital mortality) and planning service delivery (e.g. nursing staffing)  
Types of modelling studies Development and/or validation  
Target population Neonates† admitted to a neonatal unit in any country Studies limited to neonates with congenital anomalies older children or adults
Predictors Any use of treatments or interventions as predictors Non-therapeutic intervention, e.g. radiological imaging intensity
Treatment intensity not measured by enumeration of therapeutic interventions
Outcomes Any outcome  
Time of prediction No restriction  
Intended moment of use No restriction  
  1. *Diagnostic models estimate probability that a particular disease is currently present in an individual in contrast to prognostic models that estimate probability of future events
  2. †Neonate defined as a baby aged 0–28 days and all the articles included adhered to this definition