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Table 5 Data extraction table

From: Non-conventional dosing of oral anticancer agents in oncology and malignant haematology: a systematic review protocol

Data to be extracted Item
Publication ID • Author
• Publication date
Study aim • Title/Purpose/Aim
Study design • Study type: meta-analysis, late phase clinical trial, cohort study, cross-sectional study, retrospective study, observational study, Case-control study, case-report
• Measurement tools, instruments, measures, outcome criteria
Non-conventional dosing characteristics • Oral SACT name
• Dose
• Duration of therapy
Sample characteristics • Number of participants
• Country
• Age
• Gender
• Cancer type
Findings • Reported efficacy outcomes
• Reported side effects/toxicity outcomes
• Reported health-related quality of life
• Any other findings
Strengths and limitations • Findings of critical appraisal