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Table 4 Cochrane Registry of Controlled Trials search strategy

From: Non-conventional dosing of oral anticancer agents in oncology and malignant haematology: a systematic review protocol

1. First Component (drug names):
bexarotene or busulfan or capecitabine or chlorambucil or cyclophosphamide or estramustine or etoposide or hydroxycarbamide or melphalan or mercaptopurine or lomustine or mitotane or procarbazine or tegafur or temozolomide or tioguanine or topotecan or treosulfan or tretinoin or trifluridine or vinorelbine or afatinib or axitinib or bosutinib or cabozantinib or cobimetinib or crizotinib or ceritinib or dabrafenib or dasatinib or erlotinib or everolimus or gefitinib or ibrutinib or idelalisib or imatinib or lapatinib or nilotinib or nintedanib or olaparib or osimertinib or panobinostat or pazopanib or ponatinib or regorafenib or ruxolitinib or sorafenib or sunitinib or temsirolimus or trametinib or vandetanib or vemurafenib or vismodegib or thalidomide or lenalidomide or pomalidomide or anastrozole or exemestane or letrozole or tamoxifen or toremifene or abiraterone or bicalutamide or cyproterone or enzalutamide or flutamide or medroxyprogesterone or megestrol or norethisterone or diethylstilbestrol or ethinylestradiol or idarubicin or methotrexate or trifluridine or lenvatinib or palbociclib or venetoclax or Ixazomib in Title, Abstract, Keywords
2. Second component:
reduc* or attenuat* or discontinu* or modif* or dosing or schedul* or strateg* or dosage* or intercalat* or alternat* or personali* or break or holiday* or cessation or interrup* or intermit* or escala* or prescrib* or optimis* or optimiz* or tailor* or individuali* or "non conventional*" or nonconventional* or "non standard*" or nonstandard* or "treatment free" in Record Title
3. "DRUG ADMINISTRATION" or "ANTINEOPLASTIC AGENT*" in Title, Abstract, Keywords (word variations have been searched)
4. 1 AND 2 AND 3