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Table 2 Pilot database search results

From: Tracheostomy decannulation methods and procedures in adults: a systematic scoping review protocol

Keyword search Date of search Search engine used Number of publications retrieved
((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((tracheostomy[MeSH Terms]) OR tracheostomy) AND decannulation) OR tracheostomy) AND percutaneous) OR tracheostomy decannulation) OR tracheostomy care) OR tracheostomy) AND care) OR tracheostomy decannulation protocol) OR tracheostomy) AND protocol) OR tracheostomy decannulation methods) OR tracheostomy) AND decannulation methods) OR tracheostomy complications) OR tracheostomy) AND complications) OR tracheostomy weaning) OR tracheostomy) AND weaning) OR tracheostomy long stay) OR tracheostomy) AND long stay) OR tracheostomy rehabilitation) OR tracheostomy) AND rehabilitation)) OR percutaneous tracheostomy) OR percutaneous) AND tracheostomy)) OR removal tracheostomy) OR removal) AND tracheostomy)) OR decannulation method) OR decannulation) AND method)) AND ("1985/01/01"[Date - Publication] : "3000"[Date - Publication]) 18 June 2017 Medline via Pubmed 2550