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Table 2 Example search for circadian modulation of neural reward using keywords in Scopus

From: The sleep and circadian modulation of neural reward pathways: a protocol for a pair of systematic reviews

 1 TITLE-ABS-KEY(SCN OR suprachiasmatic OR circadian OR diurnal OR “clock gene*” OR “time of day” OR cortisol OR melatonin OR owl OR lark)
 2 TITLE-ABS-KEY(striatum OR “anterior cingulate” OR “ventral tegment* OR putamen OR VTA OR NAc OR accumben* OR “medial prefrontal cortex” OR MPFC OR “orbitofrontal cortex” OR OFC OR thalamus OR insula OR “dorsolateral prefrontal cortex” OR DLPFC OR amygdal* OR “locus coeruleus” OR LC OR dopamine* OR seroton* OR limbic OR caudate)
 3 TITLE-ABS-KEY (reward OR arousal OR happ* OR food OR money OR positiv* OR affect OR emoti* OR reinforcement OR instrumental)
 5 NOT TITLE-ABS-KEY(rat OR rodent OR mouse OR mice OR hamster OR drosophila)
 7 2 OR 3
 8 1 AND 4 AND 5 AND 6 AND 7