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Table 8 Incidence rate of partial foot and transtibial amputation

From: A systematic review describing incidence rate and prevalence of dysvascular partial foot amputation; how both have changed over time and compare to transtibial amputation

Study Time period Strata Standardization Annual PFA incidence rate Annual TTA incidence rate Amputations per annum
    Crude Age Sex Mean SD Mean SD Mean
Per 100,000 population
 Dillingham et al. [48] 1986–1997 Black race No Yes Yes 19.00a 1.63 17.84 2.12 PFA 246; TTA 232
  Non-black race No Yes Yes 12.78a 1.47 8.94 0.86 PFA 477; TTA 342
 Feinglass et al. [13] 1987–2004   No Yes Yes 4.02b 0.93 10.57 1.12 PFA 319; TTA 822
Per 100,000 person-years general population
 Sandnes et al. [49] 1987–2000   No Yes Yes 7.93c 1.06 9.58 1.08 PFA 317; TTA 350
Per 1000 patient-years
 Davis et al. [36] 1993–2005   Yes No No 3.7 NR 1.1 NR PFA 3; TTA 1
  1. PFA Incidence rate includes data for toe amputation (3.4) and “foot” amputation (0.3); NR not reported. Unable to be calculated because there was no annual incidence rate data over time reported in the article
  2. aPFA cohort includes only those with toe amputation
  3. bPFA cohort includes “through foot” level only, excludes persons with only toe amputation
  4. cPFA cohort includes people with toe/TMA amputation