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Table 5 Mean annual incidence rate of partial foot amputation per 100,000 person-years (population at risk)

From: A systematic review describing incidence rate and prevalence of dysvascular partial foot amputation; how both have changed over time and compare to transtibial amputation

Study Time period Strata Standardization Annual incidence rate Amputations per annum
    Crude Age Sex Mean SD Mean
No Stratification
 Lazzarini et al. [37] 2005–2010   Yes No No 361 61 502
 Davis et al. [36] 1996–2000 Toe Yes No No 340 NR 10
  Foot Yes No No 30 NR 0.5
 Kurowski et al. [38] 2000–2010 T1 DM initial No Yes Yes 257 76 12
  T1 DM repeat No Yes Yes 5908 2704 11
  T2 DM initial No Yes Yes 238 21 124
  T2 DM repeat No Yes Yes 23,011 5888 86
  1. SD standard deviation, T1 DM type 1 diabetes mellitus, T2 DM type 2 diabetes mellitus, NR only mean annual incidence rate data reported (without standard deviation). No standard deviation able to be calculated given annual incidence rate data not reported over time