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Table 1 Example search for the CINAHL database to identify incidence and prevalence literature for people with dysvascular partial foot and transtibial amputation

From: A systematic review describing incidence rate and prevalence of dysvascular partial foot amputation; how both have changed over time and compare to transtibial amputation

Search Field code Search term(s)
1. MH “Amputation”
2. MH “Amputees”
3. TI,AB,SU (amput* AND (major OR lowerlimb* OR “lower limb”* OR “lower extremit*” OR “limb loss” OR LEA OR LLA))
4. TI,AB,SU (amput* AND (transtibial OR “trans tibial” OR belowknee OR “below knee” OR (below W2 knee) OR TTA OR BKA))
5. TI,AB,SU (amput* AND (minor OR “partial foot” OR Chopart* OR Lisfranc* OR tarsometatarsal OR transmetatarsal OR midtarsal OR “mid tarsal” OR midfoot OR “mid foot” OR ray OR phalangeal OR metatarsophalangeal OR toe* OR transtarsal OR “trans tarsal” OR TMT OR TMA OR MTP OR PFA))
6.   1 OR 2 OR 3 OR 4 OR 5
7. TI,AB,SU “incidence” OR “rate” OR “incidence rate” OR “prevalence” OR “trend”
8   6 AND 7
9.   Limit 8 to English language
10.   Limit 9 to publication date: 01 January 2000 to 31 Decemeber 2015
11.   Limit 10 to peer reviewed, academic journals
  1. Field codes: MH exact major and minor subject headings (MeSH, National Library of Medicine Medical Subject Headings), TI title, AB abstract, SU subject