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Table 2 Article screening form

From: Mobile tablet-based therapies following stroke: a systematic scoping review protocol of attempted interventions and the challenges encountered

Study element Meets criteria? Reason for exclusion
Population: Does the study enroll a population of human adults with stroke? Yes
No 1. Not an adult population.
2. Not a stroke population.
Intervention: Does the study involve stroke patients interacting with a mobile tablet device in response to a post-stroke deficit or complication? Yes
No 3. Not a tablet-based therapy.
4. Survivors are not the primary tablet users.
Study Design: Does the manuscript report the results of a case study/series, cohort study, randomized or non-randomized controlled trial? If a study protocol or conference abstract, does it report the results of a study whose data is not otherwise available in a study manuscript? Yes
No 5. Manuscript is a protocol/conference abstract with data available from a study manuscript.
6. Manuscript is a protocol/conference abstract with no reported data.