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Table 3 Examples of CHRSP project feedback

From: Putting research in place: an innovative approach to providing contextualized evidence synthesis for decision makers

Options for Dialysis Services in Rural and Remote Newfoundland and Labrador (2008)
“The research question was very appropriate and the results continue to help us to make decisions on dialysis. Combining the evidence with the contextualization made the results more useful to the system. Building the contextualization piece into the synthesis of the evidence made the report easier to read.”
Senior Official at Regional Health Authority
Youth Residential Treatment (2010)
“The report has been an integral part of the planning and development phase for the Youth Treatment Centers that are being developed in this province – particularly in leading us to best practice material on programming and raising key questions and considerations. It continues to be referred to and referenced at both our provincial steering committee and local advisory committee levels, but most especially by me in my role within my health authority and the manager of the centre being developed by another provincial health authority, as we are the leads in terms of the nuts and bolts of planning and developing staffing, training, treatment modalities/programming and evaluation/outcome measures at the centers.”
Senior Official at Regional Health Authority
Age-Friendly Acute Care (2012)
“St. Clare’s Hospital, a facility of Eastern Health, has just opened the province’s first Acute Care of the Elderly (ACE) unit. The evidence to support the effectiveness of ACE units was outlined in detail within the CHRSP study “Age-Friendly Acute Care” which was reviewed by health authorities across Newfoundland and Labrador in 2012.”
Research Analyst, Regional Health Authority
Managing Agitation and Aggression in LTC Residents with Dementia (2014)
“This report gives me some good material to use when trying to convince nursing staff and administrators of the importance of the Music & Memory program we are implementing. I have shared this report with all Vice Presidents in my health authority and I like to quote your report by telling people that music ranks first on the list- so please know that your report has helped on a very real and tangible level. I will be using it when I try and expand the Music & Memory program to the provincial level next spring.”
Senior Administrator and Physician, Regional Health Authority
Falls Prevention in Institutional Settings (2014)
“We used the results of this study to support a review of the existing falls prevention program and identification of opportunities to enhance the program at our health authority.”
Senior Official, Regional Health Authority