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Table 1 Contextual factor categories and examples

From: Putting research in place: an innovative approach to providing contextualized evidence synthesis for decision makers

Contextual factor category Examples of contextual factors to consider
Patient/client level • Are there any epidemiological features or other features of the patient/client population that could affect equity of access, effectiveness, or appropriateness of the proposed intervention(s)?
• Are there cultural elements that may enhance or detract from the expected effectiveness of the studied intervention?
Service/site design level • How will any features of the site(s) of the proposed intervention affect its effectiveness or cost-effectiveness?
• Is the design of the services feasible in the context of the existing infrastructure in some or all of the province’s regional health authorities?
Human resources • Are there Health Human Resource (HHR) gaps? Does the province have the required number of appropriately trained and qualified practitioners to provide the service(s) in question?
• Are there any alternative staffing arrangements or training options that could fill these HHR gaps?
Organization of health services • Will the organization of existing front-line health services accommodate or conflict with the intervention/approach?
• Can the existing management organization incorporate the intervention or will a significant reconfiguration be required?
Other departments/sectors • Does the intervention require information, data or action from other government departments or provincial organizations, and will that information, data, or action be readily available?
• Does the intervention require resources that are controlled by other government departments, other governments, or provincial non-governmental organizations?
Economic • Are the existing financial incentives in the province consistent with the requirements of the studied intervention(s)?
• How will the distribution of incomes affect the feasibility of delivering the studied intervention(s)?
Political • What are the public/media expectations for the intervention? Are they realistic?
• Is an intervention required as the result of a governmental decision or political pressure?