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Table 2 Example of PICO table—population, intervention, comparison and outcome

From: A systematic review protocol on the effectiveness of therapeutic exercises utilised by physiotherapists to improve function in patients with burns

Article Sample size Intervention Comparison Load, number of repetitions, sets and progression Frequency and duration Outcome measure(s)
Strengthening exercises
 Matthew et al. (2009)   Ankle dorsi-flexion exercises with Thera band Ankle dorsi-flexion exercises 50–80%; 1RM; 2–3 sets; 1 min rest between sets 3× per week for 2 weeks MMT (muscle strength)
Aerobic exercises
 Rumbi et al. (2007)   Cycling Nil cycling 70% of VO2 max; 5 × 5 mins bouts; 2 min rest between each bout 3× per week × 5 weeks VO2 max; HR and RR
Combination programmes
 Mhandi et al. (1995)   Muscle strengthening, dynamic balance Nil dynamic balance Knee muscle strengthening, dynamic balance through ball transfer from one hand to another × 5 mins 6× per week for 2 weeks Gait and posture