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Table 1 Search method in EMBASE and Ovid MEDLINE

From: Prevalence, awareness, and associated risk factors of hypertension in older adults in Africa: a systematic review and meta-analysis protocol

# Searches
1 exp hypertension/ep, et, pc [Epidemiology, Etiology, Prevention]
2 (Hypertensi* or "blood pressure" or cardiovascular or cardiometabolic).ab.
3 1 or 2
4 exp prevalence/
5 exp incidence/
6 (Prevalence or proportion or survey or descriptive or cross-sectional or cohort or longitudinal or "attributable fraction" or incidence).sh.
7 4 or 5 or 6
8 exp Africa/
9 indian ocean/ or exp mauritius/ or exp reunion/ or exp seychelles/
10 (africa* or algeria* or angola* or benin* or botswana* or burkina* or burundi* or cameroon* or canary islands or cabo verde or cape verde* or central african republic or chad or comoros or comores or congo* or democratic republic of the congo or djibouti or egypt* or equatorial guinea* or eritrea* or ethiopia* or gabon* or gambia* or ghana* or guinea* or bissau or cote d'ivoire or kenya* or lesotho or liberia* or libya* or jamahiriya or jamahiryia or madagascar or malawi* or mali* or mauritania* or mauritius or morocc* or mozambi* or mocambique or namibia* or niger* or nigeria* or reunion or rwanda* or sao tome or senegal* or seychelles or sierra leone* or somalia* or south africa* or st helena or sudan* or swazi* or tanzania* or tanganyika or togo* or tunisia* or uganda* or western sahara or zaire* or zambia* or zimbabwe*).sh.
11 8 or 9 or 10
12 3 and 7 and 11
13 limit 12 to ("middle age (45 to 64 years)" or "all aged (65 and over)") [Limit not valid in Embase; records were retained]
14 limit 13 to humans
15 limit 14 to yr="1980 -Current"