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Table 2 Example of illustrative matrix of selected articles

From: Social determinants of common metabolic risk factors (high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high body mass index and high waist-hip ratio) of major non-communicable diseases in South Asia region: a systematic review protocol

Literature type and year of publication Research type Study objective/method Study location and sample size Metabolic risk factor Proximal determinants Distal determinants Causal linkage thematic analysis
Primary article or grey literature as searched in three databases/year of publication as mentioned Quantitative or qualitative or mixed-method research Describe in detail about the study objective and methods Country and region where the study was taken and sample size Metabolic risk factor under study See Additional file 3: Appendix III See Additional file 3: Appendix III Coding and thematic analysis about the possible causal linkage among determinants based on the results and discussion of the article