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Table 1 Review concepts and associated search terms

From: Socio-ecological influences on adolescent (aged 10–17) alcohol use and linked unhealthy eating behaviours: protocol for a systematic review and synthesis of qualitative studies

SPIDER concept

Search terms

S—Sample: young people

Child OR children OR adolescent OR youth OR young people OR young person OR young adult OR kid OR teenager OR under-age OR student

PI—Phenomenon of interest: alcohol consumption OR unhealthy eating behaviours

Alcohol drinking OR alcoholic beverages OR alcoholic intoxication OR alcohol consumption OR alcohol misuse OR alcohol abuse OR alcohol use OR risky drinking OR excessive drinking OR problem drinking OR binge drinking OR hazardous drinking OR unsafe drinking OR unhealthy drinking OR drunk OR eating behaviour OR unhealthy eating OR unhealthy diet OR food choice OR food preferences OR food habits OR food intake OR feeding behaviour OR energy intake OR fast foods OR carbonated beverages OR obesity OR overweight OR overnutrition OR overeat OR over-eat OR excess weight OR body size OR body mass OR body weight OR diet OR nutrition OR underweight OR undereat OR under-eat OR undernutrition OR fruit OR vegetable OR portion OR serving OR junk food OR fast food OR processed food OR calorie-dense OR calories OR convenience food OR dietary fat OR dietary sugar OR dietary salt OR fizzy OR sugary OR snack OR takeaway OR takeout OR carry-out OR frozen OR ready-meal

D—Design: qualitative research

Interview OR grounded theory OR ethnography OR interpretative phenomenological analysis OR phenomenology OR focus group OR content analysis OR thematic analysis OR constant comparative OR participant observation OR narratives OR field notes

E—Evaluation: experience

perceive OR perception OR perspective OR view OR experience OR attitude OR belief OR opinion OR feel OR know OR understand

R—Research type: qualitative and mixed methods

Qualitative OR qualitative analysis OR qualitative research OR mixed methods