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Table 3 Strategies to mitigate litigation characteristics

From: Evaluative reports on medical malpractice policies in obstetrics: a rapid scoping review

Author, year (setting) Sample Strategy name Follow-up period Adverse events
Behrens 2011 [21] (Mississippi, USA) 4878 lawsuits Mississippi tort reform legislation 7 years Obstetrical/gynecological
Bovbjerg 2005 [22] (USA) 226 claims + 281 surveys Administrative compensation model 8 years in Florida, 9 years in Virginia Birth-related neurologic injuries
Currie 2008 [30] (USA) NR Noneconomic damage caps NR Obstetrics
Limit joint and several liability
Caps on punitive damages
Reforms of the collateral source rule
Edwards 2010 [23] (Virginia, USA) 571 obstetricians Virginia Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Program (BIP) 19 years Obstetrics
Ho 2011 [24] (USA) 234,826 adverse events Apology laws NR Any medical malpractice including obstetrics
Iizuka 2013 [25] (USA) NR Caps on noneconomic damages (CapsNED) NR Birth trauma injury to neonate; obstetric trauma to mother
Caps on punitive damages (CapsPD)
Collateral source rule (CSR) reform
Joint and several liability reform
Kachalia 2010 [31] (Michigan, USA) 1131 claims Medical Error Disclosure Program 4 years Any medical error
Kilgore 2006 [32] (USA) NR Damage caps strategy NR Internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics
Statute of limitations
Milne 2013 [27] (Canada) 39 participating hospitals Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiently (MORE) 8 years (costs) & 9 years (catastrophic infant claims) Obstetrics
Pegalis 2012 [26] (USA) NA Patient safety guidelines NR Obstetrics
Santos 2015 [29] (USA) 5 labor and delivery sites Risk reduction labor and delivery model 2 years and 3 months Obstetrics; labor and delivery events (shoulder dystocia and fetal distress)
Studdert 2004 [3] (California, USA) 152 cases California’s Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) cap 17 years Surgical errors, obstetrical errors, missed or delayed diagnoses, and drug errors
Thorpe 2004 [33] (USA) NR Award cap strategy NR Obstetrics, surgical, internal
Winn 2007 [28] (UK) 7352 obstetrics and gynecology claims Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts 3 years Any medical malpractice obstetrics
  1. Abbreviations: NA not applicable, NR not reported