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Table 7 EbscoHost PsycINFO

From: Structural barriers in access to medical marijuana in the USA—a systematic review protocol

S1 DE “Stigma” OR TX “social stigma” OR DE “Stereotyped Attitudes” OR TX “stereotypes” OR TX “stereotyping” DE “Labeling”
S2 DE “poverty” OR DE poverty areas OR TX medical indigency OR TX “low income” OR DE “Socioeconomic status” OR TX “Socioeconomic Factors” OR TX “low SES” OR DE “lower income level” OR DE “unemployment” OR DE “under employed” OR DE “disadvantaged” OR DE “indigent” OR TX “indigency” OR TX “Medically Underserved Areas” OR DE “uninsured (health insurance)” OR DE “underinsured (health insurance)” OR TX “uninsured patient” OR DE “health care cost”
S3 DE” health attitudes” OR DE “Drug usage attitudes” OR DE “client Participation” OR DE “client Satisfaction” OR DE “client attitudes” OR DE “clinical practice” OR TX “Refusal to Treat” OR DE “Health Personnel Attitudes OR DE “treatment barriers” OR DE “treatment dropouts”
S4 DE “Sex Role Attitudes” OR TX “Sexism” OR DE “gender equality” OR TX “gender inequality” OR TX “gender inequity” OR TX “gender discrimination” OR DE “racism” OR DE “social stress” OR TX “minority stress” OR DE “prejudice” OR TX “white privilege” OR DE “social perception” OR DE “self-concept” OR DE “social discrimination” OR TX “social disapproval” OR (DE “perception” AND “social discrimination”) OR DE “criminal profiling” OR TX “racial profiling” OR TX “social conformity” OR TX “social bias”
S5 TX “structural barriers” OR DE “Cross cultural treatment” OR DE “Cross Cultural Differences“OR DE “Dominance Hierarchy” OR DE “sociocultural factors” OR TX “Social Marginalization” OR DE “Marginalization” OR DE “Social Acceptance” OR DE “social approval” OR DE “social norms” OR DE “Social issues” OR DE “social class”