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Table 6 EMBASE

From: Structural barriers in access to medical marijuana in the USA—a systematic review protocol

#1 ‘stigma’/exp OR ‘social stigma’/de OR ‘morality’/exp OR ‘stereotypy’/exp OR ‘stereotyping’/exp
#2 ‘poverty’/exp OR ‘poverty areas’ OR ‘medical indigency’ OR ‘low income’/exp OR ‘lowest income group’/exp OR’Socioeconomic’/exp OR ‘low SES’ OR 'unemploy*'/exp OR ‘under employ*’ OR ‘under-employ*’ OR 'indigent'/exp OR ‘indigency’ OR ‘medic* uninsur*’/exp OR ‘uninsured patients’ OR ‘uninsured patient’ OR ‘cost of ill*’/exp OR ‘health care cost’/exp
#3 ‘attitude to health’/exp OR ‘patient dropouts’/exp OR ‘patient participat*’/exp OR ‘patient satisfy*’/exp OR ‘patient preference’/exp OR ‘doctor patient relation’/exp OR ‘clinical practice’/exp OR ‘Medically Underserved Area’ OR ‘physician attitude’/exp OR ‘health personnel attitude’/exp OR ‘patient abandonment’/exp OR ‘Refusal to Treat’
#4 ‘Sexism’/exp OR ‘gender bias’/exp OR ‘gender inequality’ OR ‘gender inequity’ OR ‘gender discriminat*’ OR ‘racism’/exp OR ‘minority stress’ OR ‘prejudic*’ OR ‘white privilege’ OR ‘perception’/exp OR ‘social perception’ OR ‘self concept’/exp OR ‘self-concept’ OR ‘social discriminat*’/exp OR ‘social disapproval’ OR ‘perceptive discriminat*’/exp OR ‘racial profil*’ OR ‘social psychology’ OR ‘social conformity’ OR ‘social bias’
#5 ‘structural barriers’ OR ‘structure near2 barrier’ OR ‘ethnic or racial aspects’/exp OR ‘cultural factor’/exp OR ‘social dominance’/exp OR ‘social aspects and related phenomen*’/exp OR ‘social exclu*’/exp OR ‘Social Marginal*’ OR ‘social norms’ OR ‘social norm’/exp OR ‘social class’/exp