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From: Structural barriers in access to medical marijuana in the USA—a systematic review protocol

#1 or exp social stigma/or exp Moral Development/or or exp stereotyping/
#2 exp poverty/or exp poverty areas/or exp medical indigency/or low or or exp Socioeconomic Factors/or low or or under or or or or uninsured or uninsured or exp cost of illness/or exp health expenditures/
#3 exp Attitude to Health/or exp Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice/or exp Patient Dropouts/or exp Patient Participation/or exp Patient Satisfaction/or exp Patient Preference/or exp Physician-Patient Relations/or exp Practice Patterns, Physicians/or exp Medically Underserved Area/or exp Refusal to Treat/or exp Attitude of Health Personnel/or exp Refusal to Treat/
#4 exp Sexism/or gender or gender or gender or gender or or minority or or white or exp social perception/or exp self concept/or or exp social discrimination/or social or (exp perception/and exp social discrimination/) or racial or exp social conformity/or social [mp = title, abstract, original title, name of substance word, subject heading word, keyword heading word, protocol supplementary concept word, rare disease supplementary concept word, unique identifier]
#5 structural or exp Cultural Characteristics/or exp Cross-Cultural Comparison/or exp Hierarchy, Social/or exp Sociological Factors/or exp Social Marginalization/or exp social norms/or exp social class/
#6 exp medical marijuana/or medical or medical