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Table 4 BEME quality indicators [10]

From: The utility of mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise (mini-CEX) in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education: protocol for a systematic review

No. Category Question
1. Research question Is the research question or hypothesis clearly stated?
2. Study subjects Is the subject group appropriate for the study being carried out?
3. Data collection methods Are the methods used appropriate for the research question and context?
4. Completeness of data Attrition rates/acceptable questionnaire response rates
5. Risk of bias assessment Is a statement of author positionality and a risk of bias assessment included?
6. Analysis of results Are the statistical and other methods of results analysis used appropriate?
7. Conclusions Is it clear that the data justify the conclusions drawn?
8. Reproducibility Could the study be repeated by other researchers?
9. Prospective Is the study prospective?
10. Ethical issues Are all ethical issues articulated and managed appropriately?
11. Triangulation Were results supported by data from more than one source?