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Table 4 MEDLINE search strategy for Search #1

From: The effect and safety of postmenopausal hormone therapy and selective estrogen receptor modulators on kidney outcomes in women: a protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis

1. Hormone replacement therapy/ or estrogen replacement therapy/
2. Exp Estradiol/tu, th [Therapeutic use, therapy]
3. Estrogens/tu, th [Therapeutic use, therapy]
4. Epimestrol/tu, th [Therapeutic use, therapy]
5. “Estrogens, conjugated (usp)”/tu, th [Therapeutic use, therapy]
6. “Estrogens, esterified (usp”/tu, th [Therapeutic use, therapy])
7. Ethinyl estradiol/tu, th [Therapeutic use, therapy]
8. Mestranol/tu, th [Therapeutic use, therapy]
9. Exp quinestrol/tu, thy [Therapeutic use, therapy]
10. Progesterone/tu, th [Therapeutic use, therapy]
11. Algestone/tu, th [Therapeutic use, therapy]
12. Hydroxyprogesterones/tu, th [Therapeutic use, therapy]
13. Exp selective estrogen receptor modulators/tu, th [Therapeutic use, therapy]
14. Exp Medroxyprogesterone/tu, th [Therapeutic use, therapy]
15. Exp Progestins/tu, th [Therapeutic use, therapy]
16. ((Hormone or estrogen or oestrogen) adj (replacement or substitution or therap*)).mp.
17. ((Hormone or estrogen or oestrogen) adj (replacement or substitution) adj therap*).mp.
18. (Selective adj (estrogen or oestrogen) adj receptor adj modulator*).mp.
20. (Medroxyprogesterone adj acetate).mp.
21. (Estradiol* or oestradiol* or estrogen* or oestrogen* or estriol* or oestriol* or estradiol* or oestradiol*).mp.
22. (HRT or PHT).ti,kw.
23. (Progestin* or progesterone* or medroxyprogesterone* or gestagen).mp.
24. or/1-23
25. Proteinuria/or exp albuminuria/
26. (Proteinuria or albuminuria or microalbuminuria or macroalbuminuria or MAU).mp.
27. (Urinary adj2 (albumin or protein) adj2 excretion).mp.
28. ((Albumin or protein) adj creatinine adj ratio).mp.
29. ((Moderate* or severe*) adj3 increased adj3 (albuminuria or proteinuria)).mp.
30. or/25-29
31. Renal insufficiency/ or renal insufficiency, chronic/ or kidney failure, chronic/
32. Exp glomerular filtration rate/
33. Exp dialysis/
34. Exp kidney transplantation/
35. Renal replacement therapy/ or renal dialysis/ or hemodiafiltration/ or hemodialysis, home/ or peritoneal dialysis/ or peritoneal dialysis, continuous ambulatory/
36. ((Renal or kidney) adj allograft).mp.
37 ((Renal or kidney) adj transplant*).mp.
38. (Predialys* or pre-dialys*).mp.
39. RRT.ti, kw.
40. ((Renal or kidney) adj replace* adj (therapy or treatment)).mp.
41. (Peritoneal adj dialys*).mp.
42. (Hemodiafiltration or hemofiltration or haemodiafiltration or haemofiltration or hemodialys* or haemodialys* or dialys*).mp.
43. (ESRD or ESKD).ti, kw.
44. (End adj stage adj (renal or kidney) adj disease*).mp.
45. ((Renal or kidney) adj (insufficien* or failure or disease* or impair*)).mp.
46. ((Renal or kidney) adj function).mp.
47. (Glomerular adj filtration adj rate*).mp.
48. (Nephropathy or nephropathies).mp.
49. (Creatinine adj clearance).mp.
51. (CKD or CRI).ti, kw.
52. (GFR or eGFR).ti, kw.
53. or/31-52
54. Hypertension/
55. Blood pressure/
56. ((Elevate* or high or rais* or heighten* or increas*) adj (“blood pressure” or “diastolic” or “systolic”)).ti, kw.
57. Hypertensi*.ti, kw.
58. “Blood pressure”.ti, kw.
59. or/54-58
60. (30 or 53 or 59) and 24
61. Remove duplicates from 60
  1. Description: MEDLINE key word and text word search strategy for Search #1