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Table 2 Techniques to be used in the online databases search

From: Prevention of cervical cancer in HIV-seropositive women from developing countries: a systematic review protocol

Techniques Description Example
Free-text synonyms of keyword search All known synonyms of the keyword in both British and US spellings Cervical cancer synonyms: cervical carcinomas, cervix neoplasms, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, cervix dysplasia etc.
Truncation commands Using the root word to capture alternative word endings Cervi* carcinom* searches for words such as cervical carcinoma, cervix carcinomas etc.
Proximity operators Operators used will be Adj3 in OvidSP interface hpv adj3 vaccin*
Boolean logic operators ‘OR’ and ‘AND’ will be the two commands to be used.
‘OR’ is used to locate articles with at least one of the search terms.
‘AND’ is to be used near the end of a search so as to combine results of different search concepts.
prevent* or screen* OR pap smear* OR colposcopy OR hpv adj3 vaccin*
(prevent* or screen* OR pap smear* OR colposcopy OR hpv adj3 vaccin*) AND (HIV positive OR hiv seropositiv* OR hiv)