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Table 1 Requested variables

From: Plasma chitotriosidase activity versus CCL18 level for assessing type I Gaucher disease severity: protocol for a systematic review with meta-analysis of individual participant data

Variable Description
Gender Male, female
Age at baseline Year
Age at GD diagnosis Year
Site of enrollment Country
Acid beta-glucosidase genotype
Chitotriosidase genotype Deficient[homozygous]; heterozygous; wild type
Previous history of enzyme replacement therapy at enrollment Never treated with ERT, no ERT within the previous year, ERT within the previous year
Previous history of substrate reduction therapy at enrollment Never treated with SRT, no SRT within the previous year, SRT within the previous year
Splenectomy Yes, no
Time to FU visit Month (0 for baseline)
Treatment received at FU Placebo, untreated, imiglucerase, velaglucerase alpha, taliglucerase, miglustat, eliglustat, other
Plasma chitotriosidase activity at FU nmol/mL/h
Serum CCL18 level at FU ng/mL
Hemoglobin concentration at FU g/dL
Platelet count at FU 109/L
White blood cell count at FU 109/L
Liver volume at FU MN
Spleen volume at FU MN
Previous history of bone event Yes, no
Osteonecrosis (i.e., clinical history of bone crises with radiologic or magnetic resonance imaging confirmation) within the previous 12 months Yes, no
Fracture with imaging confirmation within the previous 12 months Yes, no
Skeletal site of fracture Spine, hip, femur, knee, distal to the knee, shoulder, clavicle, humerus, elbow, distal to the elbow, rib, other
  1. Abbreviations: GD Gaucher disease, ERT enzyme replacement therapy, FU follow-up; MN multiple of normal, SRT substrate reduction therapy