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Table 1 Types of professional development activities compiled from research [3] and physiotherapy registration board documents [2, 4, 28]

From: Which learning activities enhance physiotherapy practice? A systematic review protocol of quantitative and qualitative studies

Formal learning activities:
 Participant Attending accredited courses, conferences, seminars, forums, distance learning, further education
Completing tertiary courses which lead to a degree or higher degree
In-service educational programsa
Online learning (interactive discussion and chat rooms)
Peer reviewb
Work-based learning contracts
 Teaching Making presentations
Planning or running a course
Writing articles
 Research Undertaking research
presenting research
Courses leading to research degree
Writing papers
Informal learning activities:
 Workplace learning Learning by doing, learning from experience, in-service educationa, case studies, reflecting on experience, audit of others, discussions with colleagues, peer reviewb, journal clubs, committee membership, shadowing, secondments, clinical supervision, job rotation, journal club, project work, coaching, benchmarking, role expansion, self-assessment questionnaire completion, significant analysis of events, quality assurance activities, being promoted
 Professional activities Professional body involvement, membership of special interest group, mentoring, lecturinga, tutoringa, examining, branch meetings, organising journal clubs, maintaining or developing specialist skills, being an expert witness, giving presentationsa, organising coursesa, supervising research, being national assessor, committee participation, information sharing at meetings
 Self-directed Reading journals or articles, reviewing books or articles, updating knowledge through internet research or TV, keeping a file of progress.
  1. aFormal for Physiotherapy Board of Australia [2] and informal for Health and Care Professionals Council [4]
  2. bFormal for Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand [28] and informal for Health and Care Professionals Council [4]